The new BMW X5 is one of the most highly anticipated Bavarians currently in the works. It’s the successor to the highly successful, and very well-liked, F15-gen X5 and, despite having a lot to live up to, it seems to be exciting the fanbase. But the new BMW X5 isn’t the only SUVs in its segment that’s going to be all-new for 2019. The new 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class has just been revealed as well.

Also replacing a very successful model, this new Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class has a lot to live up to. The previous-gen GLE-Class (ML-Class, originally) was a very good car and one that sold very well, but was getting a bit long in the tooth. So it was due for a serious upgrade. Though, at first glance, it doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade at all.

On the outside, it’s a handsome enough car but it’s very underwhelming. It looks nearly identical to the car it replaces, albeit with a different grille and slightly more rounded body lines. Considering Mercedes has made some really good looking cars as of late, this is a huge disappointment. It’s nowhere near as striking or as good looking as the new BMW X5, nor is it as good looking as the far older Audi Q7 and it can’t even touch the Jaguar F-Pace. Mercedes-Benz is better than this.

Thankfully, its interior is better. It continues Mercedes’ corporate use of dual screens coming together to make one massive one, which gets some flak but it doesn’t look bad here. The surrounding air vents look cool and the four square air vents underneath the infotainment screen look good tucked into the wood trim with aluminum surrounds. Everything seems of typical Mercedes high quality. It’s not the most exciting interior but it looks comfortable. Not sure it looks better than the X5’s interior, though, which really looks great. We’ll have to see it in person to make final judgement.

Under the skin, the new Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class is more advanced than its exterior makes it seem. So it gets a 48-volt electrical subsystem, which helps power its new hydropneumatic active suspension setup, which can control the damping forces to each individual wheel. That helps reduce body roll, pitch, dive and squat, making it handle better while also being more comfortable than the last car.

As far as engines go, the GLE-Class will get two (in America), a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder that makes 255 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque and a 3.0 liter turbocharged inline-six that makes 362 hp and 369 lb-ft. The latter of which gets what Mercedes calls EQ Boost, which uses an integrated-starter generator that’s capable of powering all typically belt-driven ancillary components, making the I6 completely beltless.

It’s an interesting car, the new Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class. On one hand, it looks very underwhelming and has an understated, but likely very good, interior. However, on the other hand, it packs some interesting tech, a new trick suspension and some good engines. So will it be as good or better than the new BMW X5? We’ll have to drive both to fin out.