BMW’s superbike S1000RR is due for a new design which is rumored to be unveiled at the upcoming Intermot show in Cologne, Germany, in October. The S1000RR went through three iterations over the years – the 2009-2011 version, 2012-2014 bike and 2015-2018 model – but it’s always been more of an evolutionary approach.

Now, the S1000RR will receive its first, major design and tech overhaul. The following patent drawings reveal a completely new bike. Virtually nothing is carried over from its predecessor and every indication is that it’s set to be as big of a leap forward as the original S1000RR was back in 2009.

In the tech department, the biggest update could come from an all-new inline-four engine. The images show a new case and casting, along with a reposition of the water pump. With the BMW S 1000 RR already delivering around 200hp in standard form, the 2019 model is likely to beat that number while being compliant with the upcoming Euro5 emissions regulations.

The new engine has also allowed BMW to create a distinctive new chassis. It’s still an aluminum beam frame, but instead of the normal straight beams on either side there are Z-shaped rails that closely follow the contours of the engine and transmission.

Another unusual aspect is the swingarm, which is braced from below rather than above, similar to the MotoGP bikes. The seat subframe adopts a tubular, trellis design rather than the square-section aluminium tubing used on the existing S1000RR; a weight saving measure. At the front, symmetry is now the word. The previously quirky, yet interesting headlights, are being replaced by a new symmetrical design. The side panels are also more symmetrical than before.

With the Intermot show just around the corner, we expect to see a digital unveil in the days leading up to the event, so stay tuned for more information.

[Source: CycleWorld]