Drag racing tuned cars against stock ones isn’t exactly fair, but when you want to get your point across, they can be quite useful. For example, when you want to show just how far you can take a BMW E92 335i in terms of performance, using a well-established car as a rival on the other side of the drag strip could be a good idea. This is exactly what we have here – the aforementioned tuned BMW is taking on a Ferrari.

The car it’s going up against isn’t exactly what you’d call top of the range. Such titles go to the LaFerrari or 812 SuperFast, but for its era, the 430 Scuderia was quite the thriller. It makes 510 HP and it can easily still be used as a benchmark today, as it’s quite fast off the line, despite its age. The video below actually demonstrates that by the plentiful as the Ferrari still looks like the faster car here, edging out in front of the E92.

Nevertheless, a BMW 3 Series should never be able to keep up with a Ferrari. This just goes to show that the BMW E92 335i has plenty of tuning potential. The N54 engine is otherwise known for its capabilities in the tuning department. Just a JB4 tune can squeeze some 50 extra horsepower from it, thanks to the turbochargers hooked up to it. However, people have quite often gone a lot further, installing bigger turbos, larger intercoolers and even methanol injection systems for the ultimate boost.

In the end, the video below shows us just two cars going at it. The description tells us the BMW is tuned but other than that, we have no idea what it’s running under the hood. By the looks of things, it probably put down close to 500 HP, as it can almost hang with the Ferrari which is pretty darn impressive in our book.