The Nurburgring is probably the most famous race track in the world. Countless German citizens and tourists go to the Nurburgring everyday to drive on the famed Green Hell. However, many of those drivers end up regretting that decision, with many of them ending their track days with a crash. Unfortunately for this BMW X4 driver, that’s exactly how their day ended.

In this video, we see the driver of a white BMW X4 taking the outside line around a corner so as to allow a much faster, highly tuned E92 BMW M3 Coupe pass. Unfortunately for the X4, the wider outside line was far too wide for the speed in which they were going, so they ended up understeering into the wall and bouncing off. It doesn’t appear that there was much damage just from watching this video but the crash was at a decent speed so it couldn’t have felt good from inside.

What’s worse is that, after the initial contact with the wall, it seems as if the driver was too disoriented to corral the now-ricocheted X4 or the car was too damaged to be corralled, so it ends up crossing the track and hitting the opposite wall. Ouch.

We can see that the airbags deployed inside the car, so we’re hoping everyone inside was unharmed and, due to the relatively little damage to the car, we don’t think anyone was seriously injured. Still a crash on a track as fast and as difficult as the Nurburgring is not to be underestimated. Thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been but it’s still a scary thing. It also goes to show that, even when you’re being careful and doing the right thing as this BMW X4 driver was, crazy things can happen. So don’t be a hero next time you’re on the ‘Ring. Unless you’re feeding your family with earnings from a race, there’s no need to try and outdo anyone on track.