Ever since the old Top Gear episode featuring the famed Transfagarasan highway in Romania, it’s always been a dream of mine to go there and drive it. While that might still be a few years away for me, I might be able to cheat a bit, as will everyone else, as the new racing game, Assetto Corsa Competizione is VR (Virtual Reality) capable and allows you to drive some of the world’s greatest roads and tracks. In this new video, we get to see a player drive an E92 BMW M3 on the Transfagarasan in VR and it’s awesome.

Admittedly, the graphics aren’t very good but Assetto Corsa is made by relatively small developers, lacking the massive budget of Sony and its Gran Turismo series, and it’s main focus is on realism and authenticity. So while it isn’t the prettiest racing game, nowhere near in the same league as GT or Forza, it sports real-deal racing and driving deal.

With a racing wheel and an Oculus Rift VR headset, this player sets off in an E92 BMW M3 on the Transfagarasan highway. First, we see some back roads and country roads and the driving looks so surprisingly real. The way the driver has to slowly saw at the wheel over a bridge or the way the car rotates around 90-degree turns is incredibly life-like. It’s also really impressive the way the game can project the chosen car’s steering wheel onto the real life wheel in the player’s hands.

VR headsets are very expensive and so are the racing wheel/pedal setups that are required for this sort of gameplay. However, if you can swing it, this is an awesome setup for car enthusiasts. Imagine being able to drive he world’s greatest roads and racetracks from the comfort of your living room? The setup might be expensive but it’s a lot cheaper than a Euro-trip.