BMW is embarking on a bit of an extraordinary press tour for its new concept. The BMW Vision iNEXT will board a Lufthansa Cargo plane and travel to four different cities (Munich, New York, San Francisco and Beijing) on three different continents in five days. All of this to showcase the new BMW Vision iNEXT to the world with the most ambitious press event that’s ever been attempted.

The plane in question, a Boeing 777F, is the most advanced and efficient cargo plane in its class, which fits well with the BMW Vision iNEXT. At each destination, a team will construct a platform and showcase for the concept car and get ready for the presentation. The showcase will consist of 7.5 km of wiring, 78,000 LEDs in 165 video LED modules and ten 13,000 ANSI lumen projectors, all to light up the inside of the massive Boeing in a display that “appeals to all the senses”.

Munich comes first and guests will arrive eight hours after the plane lands. Four hours after the final presentation is over, the plane will be prepped, the showcase will be packed away and the plane will be on its way to New York. Rinse and repeat. In total, over 300 international media members will be able to witness this flying Vision iNEXT showcase across the four cities.

“iNEXT is our mobility proposition for the future, so it’s only logical that the BMW Vision iNEXT should be presented to a global audience in a fresh new style,” said Klaus Fröhlich, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Development. “The World Flight is a fitting way to get the ball rolling.”

The Lufthansa Boeing 777F will be decorated with an iNEXT livery when it takes off from Munich, showing the company’s partnership with BMW to the world.

“Visionary products deserve visionary presentations. We are delighted to have made this extraordinary world premiere possible in cooperation with BMW,” said Peter Gerber, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Lufthansa Cargo AG.