BMW Vision iNEXT

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Is BMW i Division’s biggest problem its styling?

It’s no secret that BMW’s i Division hasn’t worked out quite as the Bavarians had planned. BMW was the first mainstream brand with an all-electric sub-division and it had such promise. When the BMW i3…

LA Auto Show will be a big one for BMW

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Video: BMW Teases iNext Concept with Design Sketches

The BMW iNext is probably going to become the most important car the German brand launched in the last 20 years when it finally arrives. The BMW iNext is supposed to become the spearhead of…

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BMW Vision iNEXT takes flight with Lufthansa

BMW is embarking on a bit of an extraordinary press tour for its new concept. The BMW Vision iNEXT will board a Lufthansa Cargo plane and travel to four different cities (Munich, New York, San Francisco…