Cars these days have incredible features, which would have seen simply taken out of Sci-Fi movies not long ago. Remote controlling a car is something that used to be reserved for James Bond’s cars back in the 1990s but are becoming the standard these days. The BMW 7 Series first introduced the possibility and more and more manufacturers are developing similar systems now, with Mercedes-Benz adding even more functionalities.

Today we’re showing you a rather unusual drag race, featuring exactly what we mentioned before. A BMW 5 Series which is being controlled using the new Display Key and the Remote Control feature. Then there’s a Mercedes-Benz E-Class Allroad alongside it, also controlled by remote, using the proprietary similar system from Daimler. Unlike the BMW, the Merc can also be steered and the the control of the car is done using a special app on the phone.

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There are more differences between them. The Mercedes-Benz also seems to connect faster to the car and when the guys tried racing the cars on the initial run, it won because the E-Class got a head start before the BMW Display Key even connected to the car in the first place. The second run was a bit closer, but the E-Class won again, for the same reason. Once the cars are on the go the speed at which they move seems to be the same, therefore, the races are won by the car which sets off first.

It’s an interesting concept, to be fair and, who knows, it might be the future of drag racing one day. After all, we have drone racing these days and those are remotely controlled devices as well. No matter what though, these kind of technologies are on the rise, there’s no doubt about it.