The Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII is here to take over from where the VII left off. The epitome of luxury in the automotive world is now out and you can even configure it online if you’re interested in purchasing one. However, unlike its predecessor, the current iteration will be available in only one body style. Even before the new Rolls was launched, the British company announced that the Drophead Coupe and the Coupe won’t be continued, as the brand is looking for different ways of diversifying its offerings.

It may seem like the wrong direction to head into for some people, at least when it comes to enjoying the ultimate luxury in terms of open top cruising. And yet, Rolls-Royce certainly doesn’t seem to think so. Instead, they are offering the Dawn to those wanting to waft around with the wind blowing through their hair. Nonetheless, artists around the world can still imagine how a Drophead Coupe – convertible in Rolls-Royce language – could look like based on the Phantom VIII.

2019 rolls royce phantom drophead coupe 830x467

The first rendering of this sort comes from X-Tomi Design. He’s also the first one to offer us a glimpse at what a wagon Rolls-Royce Phantom could look like, a rendering that hits close to what the new Cullinan could look like once it comes out in production clothes. As for the Drophead Coupe rendered here you can obviously notice the longer two doors on the sides as they’d have to do the work of four.

And while in this rendering they may seem like a far stretch, we can’t really grasp just how big they would be. The Phantom VIII will probably be one of the longest cars ever put in production, an estimate based on the 5,839 mm (229.9 in) of the Phantom VII in short wheelbase guise. We assume the new Phantom will be even longer, despite not having the exact figures available at the moment. Of course, that wouldn’t be a problem for the potential customers of this kind of a convertible as they surely have plenty of room for opening their massive doors wherever they could possibly travel to.