Imagine you’re sitting in the backseat of your Rolls Royce Phantom or uber-loaded BMW M760Li Excellence. As you sit in your massaging leather thrones, wrapped in the finest of cowhides, you sip your Krug Grande Cuvée, because of course you do. You’re a rich business person, traveling without champagne is far too vulgar for you, save that for the plebs.

However, *gasp* your take your sip only to realize that your glass is empty. Carlyle, your driver, can’t pull over and pour you more because you’re on a busy motorway and you’re almost late to your meeting. You can’t pour it yourself because: A) you can’t be bothered to and B) you’d spill champagne all over your fine dolphin-skin shoes in the back of a moving car. If only there was a solution.

Apparently, BMW is actually working on a solution to this very problem. BMW has filed for a patent for a bottom-filling champagne glass technology. Essentially, you’d place the champagne flute in a cupholder of some sort, press down and a pressurized nozzle would fill the champagne glass up from the bottom.

To be honest, this technology isn’t entirely new. Stadiums, bars and restaurants have had such tech for beer glasses for some time now. However, it’s the first time the technology has ever been applied to an automobile.

Apparently, there will be two reservoirs from which to fill up your glasses with. So you can have both filled with champagne for both passengers, maybe two different kinds to suite your tastes. Or you can have maybe some orange juice in the other, for some on the fly mimosas. Or, you can have champagne in one and maybe bourbon in the other, for when you’ve had a really long day? We don’t have the details yet but this seems like an idea I can get behind.

[Source: Car Scoops]