As we wait for the official debut of the 2019 BMW Z4, which will be revealed at Pebble Beach in a couple of weeks, some official photos of the new car have just been leaked. There are only a few shots, so we don’t get to see the entire car, but they’re far more than enough to get a gist of its styling, both inside and out. And we like what we’re seeing. The new BMW Z4 looks tight, short, low and sporty, like a proper little BMW roadster should. It actually sort of reminds me of the first-gen BMW Z4, in terms of its size and proportions, despite it having almost no stylistic similarities. But its stubby rear end and short front overhang sort of makes me think of the first-gen Z4, far more so than it does the current-gen Z4. While it isn’t as pretty as the car it replaces, which had smooth, flowing lines, this new car seems cooler, sportier, more BMW-like. It seems like, in terms of attitude, it’s a sports car first, convertible second.

Personally, I love the integrated rear spoiler, the large vertical vents at the rear, the wide taillights, the massive air breather and the rectangular exhausts. The model seen in these photos is the BWM Z4 M40i, the first true M Performance model of the ‘Z’ model range and the range-topping performance version of the upcoming Z4. So it gets bigger, sportier wheels, the aforementioned exhausts and a rip-snoring turbocharged inline-six engine up front.

Inside, the new BMW Z4 might as well just be called the ‘Baby 8 Series’, because that’s what it looks like. It gets the same new digital gauge cluster, BMW’s new iDrive screen, knurled aluminum knobs and the new shift lever. Seen in the photos, we can also see it will have wireless inductive charging for mobile phones and new iDrive controller. It looks good inside the Z4, properly sporty like it should.

This car is the upcoming BMW that has me, personally, most excited. It’s short, stubby proportions, punchy good looks, open-air driving and kick-ass B58 I6 engine all add up to a near-perfect recipe for a sports car, in my opinion. Sure, the 8 Series is gorgeous but this new BMW Z4 is more affordable, more approachable and far smaller. It’s more my cup of tea.

If you want more, stay tuned around Pebble Beach time and we’ll have both official and live photos and video of the real car.

[Source: Car Scoops]