The BMW M2 Competition is the hot Bavarian right now, as it’s the replacement for the most beloved car in BMW’s lineup, the standard BMW M2. Now, you can’t even get the standard car, as the M2 Competition is the only one you can get. So it better not only be good but be better than the car it replaces. And that’s a high bar to clear, as the standard M2 was already so good. To find out, sent Ashley Oldfield to Spain to drive it.

We’ve already read and watched several drives of the M2 Competition. However, it’s always good to get Oldfield’s impressions on the car, as he’s a proper racing driver. He was also already a big fan of the regular M2, so his opinion on whether or not the Competition version is better is worth hearing.

The big news with the M2 Competition is its engine. Rather than the old N55 3.0 liter turbocharged I6, it now gets the M3’s S55 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged I6. So instead of making 365 hp, it now makes 410 hp. More importantly, though, torque is now up from 343 lb-ft to 406 lb-ft. That makes it far punchier than the regular M2. Though, Oldfield wonders if that actually makes it better, as he seems to like the smoother-revving nature of the previous engine. This one might have a bit too much punch, which might keep you from revving it out.

Still, it has the same sweet chassis dynamics, balance and poise. So it’s as entertaining as ever, just with a bit more power and punch. BMW M2 owners will likely enjoy trading theirs in for an M2 Competition in the future. We can’t wait to get one on our own roads to see how it handles after a few days and to see if it’s the better daily driving sports car or if it’s a more track-oriented car.