BMW M2 Competition shows up at U.S. dealerships

BMW M2 | August 4th, 2018 by 9
BMW M2 Competition Alpine White11 830x553

One of the first BMW M2 Competition units to reach U.S. dealerships has just landed in the Chicagoland area in the form of an Alpine White model. Even though the launch date was set to September 17th, it looks like BMW might have let a few M2 Competition models arrive a bit earlier, so we expect other dealers to receive some units this month.

The Alpine White color is standard on the M2 Competition, while the Black Sapphire Metallic, Long Beach Blue Metallic, Sunset Orange Metallic and Hockenheim Silver Metallic will set you back $550.

BMW M2 Competition Alpine White10 830x623

Inside, the customers can choose between Black Dakota Leather with blue stitching or the Black Dakota Leather with orange stitching.

The ZEC Executive Package includes Heated Steering Wheel, Adaptive Full LED Lights, Automatic high beams, Wireless Charging, WiFi Hotspot and 8TH Speed Limit Info, and it sells for $1200.

Other options include the M Double-clutch Transmission with Drivelogic ($2,900), the Moonroof ($1,050) and M Driver’s Package ($2,500).

Tthe 19″ M Forged Bi-color Y-Spoke Wheels Style 788 M with Mixed Performance Tires are standard also, but the 19″ M Forged Black Y-Spoke Wheels Style 788 M with Mixed Performance Tires can be ordered at no cost.

As mentioned before, the base price for the 2019 M2 Competition starts at $58,900 while the European Deliver pricing kicks in at $55,955, without the $995 Destination & Handling charge.

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9 responses to “BMW M2 Competition shows up at U.S. dealerships”

  1. urnuts says:

    Not a fan of the wheels but… sweet.

    • maxnix says:

      Definitely a fan of forged wheels.

      Judging wheels by static appearance over dynamic performance is missing the whole purpose of wheel function. Once underway, all wheels look pretty much similar.

      • Oqua Tenzin Wan says:

        Performance? The new wheels in addition to being uglier, also weight ~2.5lbs more each. That translates to worse performance.

  2. Brian Gray says:

    Just sat in a Long Beach Blue outside Chicago and it is better in person than any picture I’ve seen. They started it up and the sound was deep and powerful. It then mysteriously disappeared from the showroom floor.

  3. says:

    please correct my if I’m wrong – did you see the COMPETITION sticker in rear pillar? I think that it was on official photos for this version – just like rear sticker logo with M2 and competition under/below

    BTW Magnificient car – real M in BMW family

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