When Mercedes-Maybach first released its Vision Concept SUV, it was widely panned for its odd looks. Personally, when I first saw it I made the same face as when someone smells a fart. That’s because it’s hideous. It has the same profile of a car that a four-year old drew with crayon. It’s gross looking. However, inside, it’s actually rather spectacular. In this new video, we get to check out a lot of the new interior and its quite lovely.

Right now, the most luxurious SUV on the road is the Rolls Royce Cullinan. With immense opulence, a seemingly unstoppable feel and typical Rolls Royce build quality, the Cullinan is a wonder to behold. When compared to this Mercedes-Maybach, though, it’s the Cullinan actually seems a bit…dare I say plain?

This video is entirely in Russian, so unless you’re fluent, it’s tough to understand. There are subtitles available but the translation is quite poor. So the video is really best for just watching the impressive interior features, rather than listening to what these reviewers have to say. Unless you speak Russian, of course.

While the entire interior is lovely, it’s really the back seat where the business is. With only two bucket seats in the back, separated by a central armrest that features some beautiful wood, the Mercedes-Maybach Vision Concept SUV is clearly more about being a luxury car than anything else. That center armrest isn’t just covered in wood, though, as a press of the little Maybach logo makes the wood panel slide forward, revealing cupholders and a little kettle. Those are also finished in lovely wood.

Everything about the interior seems ultra premium, from the white leather to the copper-like trim adorning the entire cabin, to the superb metal work. It all seems extremely luxurious and high-end. Admittedly, this is only a concept, so we doubt much of that design makes it to the final car. Still, it’s very interesting.

The Rolls Royce Cullinan, as stunning as it is, has another layer of luxury that keeps of from being this over-the-top: ruggedness. That sounds a bit silly, calling ruggedness a luxury but, at least in the case of the Cullinan, it is.

Rolls Royce wanted the Cullinan to be “Effortless, Everywhere”. Meaning that Cullinan owners could experience the extreme luxury on the inside regardless of what’s happening outside. If the road turns bumpy, or simply ends giving way to dirt or mud, the Cullinan can cope with ease and keep interior passengers completely isolated from the outside elements. That ruggedness keeps it from being as flashy as the this Maybach inside but it also allows the Cullinan to be more usable, keeping passengers coddled through more conditions. Plus, the Roller looks about a million times better.