At the moment, the most exciting Bavarian product is the BMW M5. Not only is it the car that BMW is most excited about but, considering it was the highest reviewed car we’ve ever had, it’s one we’re extremely excited about as well. So we can’t really get enough of the new M5. In this new video from BMW M, we get to see the M5 do big, smokey donuts. The important part of this video, though, is the color of the M5 — Java Green Metallic.

As an Individual color that customers can order, Java Green Metallic is one of the more interesting and exciting colors you can get on the new BMW M5. Maybe it’s just me but, as good looking a color as it is, I’m sick of seeing the new M5 in Marina Bay Blue Metallic. I understand why every M5 we see wears that color, as it’s really the only interesting stock color offered. Which is why an Individual color such as Java Green is so much fun to see.

Plus, we think it looks really good in that green. It’s a really vibrant color, which gives the M5 a lot more character than just the average blue, silver or black. It seems as if BMW M has the same color palette as concrete, as of late. Which is disappointing, as BMW M has always had great colors. Sure, there haven’t been a lot of greens in BMW M’s color wheel throughout history, there have been a ton of exciting colors, from Hellrot Red to Dakar Yellow.

I’m probably not a good person to take fashion or style advice from, as my personal style is about as flamboyant as a cotton ball documentary, but I think that if you’re going to buy a BMW M5, you need to spring for an Individual color like Java Green Metallic. Yes, it will cost some extra money, but the M5 is already over six-figures, so it doesn’t really matter at that point, does it? What you’ll get in return, though, is a car that’s more exciting and far more visually interesting than any other BMW M car you’ll see on the street. That much is guaranteed.