SPIED: BMW 7 Series LCI caught testing on the Nurburgring

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BMW 7 Series Prototype 2 830x553

The BMW 7 Series has a tough life. It has to contend for sales with cars like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, brand-new Audi A8 and Porsche …

The BMW 7 Series has a tough life. It has to contend for sales with cars like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, brand-new Audi A8 and Porsche Panamera, all of which are brilliant cars. In fact, the new S-Class is the best realistic (meaning within a reasonable price, not a Bentley or Rolls) luxury car in the world right now. So when the current G11 BMW 7 Series first debuted, it struggled to compete at first, due to its sort of underwhelming looks and an interior that was a bit staid, despite being very high-quality. Now, though, BMW is giving the 7 Series a bit of a refresh and this newly facelifted 7er has been caught testing again. (We don’t own the photos but check them here)

While the new LCI 7 Series isn’t a huge departure from the current car, the biggest changes lie up front. To give it a look more in keeping with BMW’s most recent design language, the 7 Series gets massive grilles and squinting headlights. The M Sport model seen in these photos also sports large front air intakes, making it look more aggressive up front.

24 hrs BMW 7 Series 08 830x552

Another interesting design cue of this newly facelifted 7er is that it seems to either be lacking the sort of silver “hockey stick” piece of trim on the side or it’s been painted body color on this specific car. Either way, it looks better than that silver trim, as it was possibly the worst part of the new 7 Series’ design.

Out back, we see some horizontal, rectangular exhausts but not much else, as everything is heavily covered in camouflage. It doesn’t look like the taillights have changed much but we’ll reserve comment on them until we see them sans camo.

The model seen in these photos seems to have an M Sport suspension as well, as it sits quite low for such a big luxury car. Though, that suspension doesn’t stop it from leaning and squatting through corners, as you can see it fully using its suspension travel on the famed Nurburgring.

We’re quite intrigued by this new LCI 7 Series. It should look quite a bit different, thanks to its new massive Kidney Grilles and slimmer headlights and it (hopefully at least) ditches the hockey sticks down the sides.

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10 responses to “SPIED: BMW 7 Series LCI caught testing on the Nurburgring”

  1. Icebreakerr says:

    “The BMW 7 Series has a tough life” No it hasn’t..

  2. Beemerguy says:

    So BMW understands just how tough the competition is in this most profitable segment? In light of this they come out with a very underwhelming interior, especially vs. S classes elegance and the sexiness of the Panamara?

    But the most incredulous decision made by BMW NA for USA ONLY (not Canada or Mexico) they decide to eliminate the SWB model. To only offer the Li as a rebadged 750i.

    Back when this decision was made we weren’t in quite the “SUV only” mania we see today. Regardless, It’s been a shrinking pool of potential buyers for luxobarges so NJ in it’s infinite wisdom decided to reduce the pool of choice to buyers in this super profitable line.

    WTF? For the life of me I can’t make any sense of it. I had Li’s iL’s up to my 2006 Li. In 2007 I got a B7 swb. I had decided in 2006 I never wanted the extra length and loss of performance again by getting a Li. 2011 I got a swb. I waited for the new 2016 model. I was SHOCKED considering all of the competition to learn ONLY in the USA I no longer had this choice.
    I was so impressed by the handling I caved in and bought the rebranded 750i (Li).

    I regret the purchase and resent the fact that I don’t have any choice in the US if I want a 7 series. At $125k big ones and my other options why am I boxed in?

    I regret not getting the S550 instead.

    Considering I’ve had over 40 BMWs in 25 years why would they take such a chance of losing customers like me? I hear from multiple salespersons they’ve heard this asked a lot.
    This is my LAST 7 series I will ever get.

    X7 is likely however I’m much more open to other manufacturers offerings not only certainly in the 4 DR sedan but in my next suv.

    This decision has damaged my loyalty to the BMW brand.

    • disqus_NdrthOMZ62 says:

      Since this is the limo of the line the decision makes total sense, particularly since current 5 is essentially SWB 7. I’ve never heard anyone argue that a $125k vehicle needs volume over exclusivity, I wouldn’t buy the Mercedes because of its ubiquity. Among other reasons.

      • Beemerguy says:

        what? How in the world is dropping the SWB common sense? To a long term 7 buyer and S class buyer the 5 is not even a consideration as a substitute for a swb 7. They absolutely go for volume. You think they just sit back and see sales of the 7 in the US drop 50% and they aren’t worried? unfortunately for them the s class is now outselling the 7 by more than 2 to one close to 3 to 1. Why do you think they’re making such dramatic changes mid cycle? They did the same in 2006 with the bangle back. redesigned the rear end and sales boomed. I absolutely disagree about the S. The interior exudes luxury. The current 7 doesn’t stand up. My biggest complaint is the elimination of the swb in ONLY our market. Their 2nd largest market for the 7 behind China. Of course the US was for years. Especially in light of such weak sales why not bring it back? It’s still being produced and sold elsewhere. Nutz

        • disqus_NdrthOMZ62 says:

          745i outsold S.
          They also don’t sell 1er hatch., 5er Touring, many other models here.
          U r nutz.

          • Beemerguy says:

            No, lol. I’m not nuts. I really don’t understand your point about that they don’t sell the 1 hatch or 5 touring? They dropped 5 wagon as it wasn’t selling. Americans want suvs , that was a good decision. I think they absolutely should have the 1 hatch here. It’s a mystery. But dropping the SWB 7 was dumb. Even if small amount sold I can’t see upsetting your $100k+ buyers. It is hurting them. Dont forget no other market dropped offering it. None. the 745 back in 2003 or 2004 had 1 great year. S has outsold 7 by a lot. Last 2 yrs S has outsold 7 by wider margin. That’s why Munich is making such dramatic change in the mid cycle update. I have the 750. I regret not getting the S for the cost. Only in the last few years is the S comparably close in the handling. I could never say that before I think the 2012(?) S change. 7 was leaps and bounds better. Not so today.
            I’m looking forward to seeing the new X7 vs new upgraded GLS and new X5 vs GLE. Aside from a 2006 Ml AMG 63 I had my X5 have always been so superior in it’s handling there was no comparison. What is the new generation going to bring?

  3. itaiti says:

    Worst 7 series ever, they should chop its lifespan as they did with the current X5

  4. Ted Ankrum says:

    Having just been in a sneak preview of the new X7, it’s going to cannibalize 7 series sales.

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