To be perfectly honest, choosing between the BMW M5 and Mercedes-AMG E63 S isn’t really choosing which car is better but which flavor you prefer. They’re both superb and, in reality, on the exact same level. They both make 600-plus horsepower from twin-turbocharged V8s, both have automatic gearboxes, both have all-wheel drive with rear-drive modes and both clip 60 mph in three seconds or less. They’re astonishing super sedans. But if you must pick a winner, this video from AutoTopNL will help you.

First, we take a listen to both cars’ exhaust notes. Both cars have loud, aggressive V8s but their exhausts are distinctly different. The AMG, in typical AMG fashion, is far angrier, it’s all fire and brimstone with a deep, thunderous bellow and bark. However, the BMW M5 is a racier, higher pitched and more metallic. It sounds more motorsport while the AMG sounds like the devil’s trombone.

Then, we get to see which car is faster by watching each car drive POV-style. So we see the the way both cars tackle a twisty back road and accelerate on tighter roads. Both cars are so explosive and look like so much fun, while watching each car I don’t want to watch the other. Any car enthusiast would be thrilled to drive each one.

We then get to see a top speed run, to over 300 km/h, for each car. Forget which car is faster, though. We now live in a time when two, not just one but two, super sedans that have more comfort than a first-class airplane cabin can blast to over 300 km/h, while also being capable to tackle race tracks with ease and smoke their rear tires to bits.

When the original E28 BMW M5 debuted, the world was blown away by a sedan with 286 horsepower and a top speed higher than some supercars. It was truly a remarkable event in automotive history. Now, we have two super sedans of that same caliber. It’s a time we should truly appreciate.