Slovenia-based exhaust maker Akrapovic is getting ready to unleash onto the tuning world their own version of an aftermarket exhaust system for the BMW F90 M5. Built from high-grade lightweight titanium to reduce weight, with valve housings cast in the in-house foundry, the Evolution Line (Titanium) exhaust system fits directly onto the BMW M5’s stock downpipes.

Developed to deliver both power and torque gains throughout the range and significantly reduce the back pressure, it is finished with hand-crafted carbon-fiber tailpipes to enrich the visual enjoyment of the exhaust. The tailpipes have been perfectly crafted and designed to fit beautifully within the optional carbon-fiber diffuser.

BMW M5 F90 Akrapovic

Optional carbon-fiber mirror caps are also available to further enhance the car’s appearance.

The system is a simple plug-and-play operation to fit, and has been designed to meet ECE type approval.


  • 21lbs lighter than the Stock F90 M5 Exhaust
  • Increase in Torque of +15.7lb-ft @ 2300rpm
  • Increase in Horsepower of 11.3hp @ 5700rpm
  • Constructed from High-grade Titanium
  • Enhanced driving experience & overall vehicle performance

Here is a real life video of the new exhaust: