Would you ever “Safari” a BMW?

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If you don’t already know, there’s a large culture in the Porsche enthusiast community that likes to “Safari” old 911s. A Safari Porsche 911 is …

If you don’t already know, there’s a large culture in the Porsche enthusiast community that likes to “Safari” old 911s. A Safari Porsche 911 is essentially a jacked-up, off-road-ready 911 with big, meaty tires, a roof box, roof and hood-mounted lights and a killer attitude. Personally, I love Safari Porsches and think that they’re cool. But there aren’t a lot of other cars that get the same “Safari” treatment. Would you ever consider a Safari BMW?

To be honest, there’s good reason that people make Safari 911s. Their rear-engine layouts, combined with air-cooled engines and near bulletproof reliability make old 911s perfect for rugged, rally, off-road type sports cars. But a BMW, with its front-engine, rear-drive layout? I don’t know. Could be fun.

We’ve seen a ton of rally-spec BMWs before, so it’s certainly possible to have fun in an old Bimmer when the roads turn to dirt, mud and snow. But making a true Safari BMW might be a bit different and I’ve never actually seen one. So it might be a bit interesting to try and come up with an idea for one.

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For starters, I nominate the E30 BMW 3 Series Coupe. It’s lightweight, small, rugged and dependable. It’s also typically the choice for rally-spec BMWs. Make it a BMW 325is, too, so it get sthe big straight-six up front and a limited-slip differential out back. Then jack it up on some adjustable coilovers, stick some big knobby tires on it and fit a cool roof box with some lights. That sounds like a pretty fun little experiment.

I could have gone with the 325ix, due to its all-wheel drive system. But what fun is that? Rear-wheel drive means many more skids and that seems fun. Plus, most, if not all, Safari 911s are rear-drive (though, the do have the benefit of rear-engine/rear-drive grip).

So what do you think? Would a Safari BMW be any fun and if you think so, which Bimmer would you use to make one?

4 responses to “Would you ever “Safari” a BMW?”

  1. Anon says:

    M760iL Safari

    Because if you’re going to spend stupid money making a stupid car you might as well go all in.

  2. HI says:

    M5 F90 Safari would be amazing.

  3. Marcel Lukačić-Marca says:

    E30 BMW 325ix Safari would be perfect. Powerful, bulletproof-reliable, sounds great and it’s fun to drive.

  4. But wait, says:

    I rallycross my 135… https://ig.me/1PzIwXR72qouPHT

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