The current vision of BMW’s future is of the BMW iNEXT, the brand’s upcoming all-electric, highly autonomous concept car, which will come to market in the second half of 2021. And as BMW hinted through some design sketches, the high-tech, autonomous driving machine, will take the shape of a coupe-SUV, in the lines of the traditional X6 crossover. Our sources say that not only the coupe-shape will be in-line with BMW’s Sports Activity Coupe, but the iNEXT will also have similar dimensions as the X6 SAC. This isn’t much of a surprise, though, since most other traditional automakers are taking as similar approach with their first true electric cars of the future — the Audi e-tron, Jaguar I-Pace and Mercedes-Benz EQ C — all of which have some sort of long roof.

The car will offer Level 3 automation that requires little to no human intervention, but it will still offer the driver the ability to take the steering in their hands. BMW also claims that the iNEXT “will also have a new and future-oriented interior and the most modern networking technologies.” Eventually the iNEXT will be capable of level four and five autonomous driving, where occupants have hardly any input.

 It will also feature the most high-tech lightweight materials and manufacturing techniques, to keep the weight as low as possible. Imagine a lot of carbon fiber in both the chassis and body. Because the platform is flexible, battery sizes for all electric models, like the iNEXT, will range from 60kWh to 120kWh, which will mean an all-electric range of at least 280 miles up to 435 miles. BMW says that the battery for the iNext is a fifth-generation product developed in conjunction with Chinese manufacturer CATL. The rest of the electric powertrain will be produced in BMW’s own factories, he said.

The new BMW electric motors are rumored to offer 134 hp, 255 hp, 335 hp and 443 hp states of tune, but it’s unclear which one will end up in the iNEXT.

Earlier this year, BMW CEO Harald Krueger, confirmed that the iNEXT project will be previewed this fall.

“Later this year, we will be presenting the BMW iNEXT as a Vision Vehicle,” Mr. Krueger said.