BMW showed its first high performance cabriolet 30 years ago. The first generation of M3 Convertible was based on the E30 model series. Thus, it is a time for celebration this year. The M4 Convertible special „30 Jahre Edition“ was introduced in February and, now, these beautiful cars are finally ready to be admired and purchased in showrooms around the world.

Only 300 cars of this limited edition were made and there is a choice of two body colours – Macao Blue and Mandarin II.  This information is quite well-known. However, maybe you do not know that these two color options are not available in equal numbers.

The Macao Blue is the major colour of the current special edition because 244 M4s out of 300 are made in this version. This color represents a link to the debut of the legendary high performance open-top model. Thus, only 56 M4s wears the Mandarin II. This version reminds the Dakar Yellow color which was one of the options for the second generation of the BMW M3 Convertible in the nineties.

Yes, both versions are worth it. Nevertheless, if you dream of the yellow one, there is not a lot of places where to find it. In fact, there is no M4 with the Mandarin II color in many countries at all. This is true, for example, for almost the whole Central and Eastern European region (including Austria, Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland). There is only one exception in this area which is the Renocar’s specialized M showroom in Brno (Czech Republic). Here, one M4 in the mandarin version can be found.

The special M4 Convertible 30 Jahre Edition is equipped by the M Competition package. It includes 450 horsepowers along with an M exhaust, adaptive M suspension with a SPORT mode or the DSC Dynamic Stability Control which has been also configured to match the upgraded dynamics.

In the interior, two color combinations are available for the Macao Blue version – Black/Fjord Blue and Black/Silverstone. Black interior is a feature of the Mandarin II, with contrast stitching for all the options mentioned above.