BMW made history when the M division was created. And this is not only reflected by the success of all the cars developed by the sub-brand but also by the fact that they made it all look so cool that people actually wanted to dress like the engineers and drivers competing under the M flag. Therefore, BMW M launched fashion items that have actually sold quite well over the years.

The latest BMW M lifestyle collection was unveiled earlier this year and is offering clothes and accessories for every taste, covering both men and women with special items or even unisex offerings. The people from BMW Canada decided the items were so interesting, they deserved their own commercial and therefore set about filming a clip that would showcase some of the more interesting stuff you can buy as part of the M collection.

Having a BMW M5 drift around a dude wearing the jacket you want to promote and a watch that definitely ticks a couple of boxes in my book, seems like the perfect way to get your point across.

But that’s not all, the commercial also shows a number of other items you may find interesting, like the unisex sunglasses the two protagonists exchange between them after the drift is over or like the jacket he is wearing, with the traditional M stripes on it. No matter which item you find most interesting, this is definitely one of the coolest clothing adverts I’ve ever seen and deserves a look over.