When the F15 BMW X5 was launched, the Germans claimed ‘The Boss is Back’ and positioned their SAV as the biggest, meanest bad-boy in the segment, attributes which actually worked in its favor. Now that the G05 model is out, a new strategy was needed and it seems like this time, the marketing team is going about it a bit more subtle, as the latest commercial published by the Germans on YouTube seems to hint at.

In a 35-second long video showcasing the X5 in a variety of situations, we get to see exactly what BMW will emphasize on when marketing the new Sports Activity Vehicle to the masses. From the initial shot, presenting the car in the middle of the city, the urban environment being somehow void of other cars, to leaving the familiar confines of metropolitan landscapes for a more outlandish proposition, the commercial shows the capabilities of the car in the limited time at hand.

The next shots show clearly that this is a car intended to appeal to those having an active lifestyle, which also demands plenty of storage space inside. That’s probably why we see a man in a kayak dealing with big waves, hinting at the cargo space of the new X5. Then of course comes the off-roading sequence, showing the X5 doing some serious speed on a gravel road, an image that immediately made me think about paint chips from all those loose pebbles on the road.

Not that a vast majority of owners will ever leave the smoothness of asphalt covered roads anyway but it would be a shame not to acknowledge the effort BMW and its engineers have put into the xDrive system for the X5. It is now a much more capable car overall, allowing you to choose between different off-road driving modes and even raising its ground clearance thanks to the new pneumatic suspension.