Swedish professional skier Jon Olsson has had some pretty wild cars. Not only is he incredibly wealthy but he likes to play with his toys. Expensive toys. So he buys some of the fastest, most exciting cars in the world and makes them faster and more exciting. He famously had an Audi RS6 Avant with a billion horsepower. His most recent play thing was a Rolls Royce Wraith that he made, well, insane. By Rolls Royce standards at least. And if you want it, it’s now currently up for sale.

Rolls Royce is synonymous with opulence, decadence and understated luxury. Not Olsson’s, though. It’s wrapped in snow camouflage, fitted with a roof rack, roof-mounted LED spotlights, grille-mounted LED spotlights, 24-inch wheels, oh, and just 810 hp. It also has a bespoke Quicksilver exhaust, making it the loudest Rolls in history.

Olsson’s Wraith is a 2015 model year and it has 13,000 km on the odometer, so while it’s not brand new it’s barely been driven. It’s currently up for sale for €275,000, which is a bit more than a brand-new Wraith. So you’re paying a bit of a premium to have Olsson’s tuned, camoed Rolls. If you’re the sort of person that’s into that sort of thing, it actually sounds like pretty decent value, as it comes with a lot more power than the standard car and it’s pretty wildly done.

Personally, it’s not my cup of tea. I like my Rolls’ as luxurious and as opulent as possible. However, I do admit that there’s certainly an appeal to taking something that’s supposed to be so stuffy and making it wild, loud and crazy. I wouldn’t want to own this car but I’d like to drive it a couple of times. And, if you have the sort of money to buy a Rolls, you can buy it just to drive it a couple of times and then get rid of it. Which I guess is exactly what Olsson did.

[Source: Top Gear / Photo Source: Jon Olsson]