When the facelifted MINI models were unveiled, people noticed two things: not much has changed and whatever did change went a bit more British. To be more precise, apart from the technical or technological side of things, from a visual standpoint, the new MINIs are hard to distinguish from the old ones. The biggest change is the introduction of the Union Jack motif in the taillights, which is the single, most obvious tell.

Seeing as that’s the case, an ingenious team put together a special event for the launch of the new models, on particular market. The people over at BMW Romania wanted to emphasize the British character of the car even more and joined forces with an artist, to create a small gallery featuring painting that would transpire the most British things in the world. Easier said than done, after some hard work you can check out the results in the photo gallery below.

The new cars got four paintings of their own to match their newly found characters. The artist, Amirou Diallo, decided to use truly iconic images and unmistakable figures to get his point across. Therefore, there’s a painting featuring the Queen of England, one reinterprets the famous Beatles Abbey Road crossing picture and album cover, there’s a Union Jack motif across a MINI car and an image of the original Mini in a rally race during the 1960s.

“In Diallo’s art, even though the technique is different, you can easily recognize the energy substracted from urban art such as graffiti or stencil. This urban image perfectly illustrates the MINI essence, one of the most spectacular city cars on the market. His way of painting, expressing a lot of energy, fits perfectly with the dynamism of our cars. This collaboration marks a different, more discreet way of presenting the brand’s character,” said Alex Seremet, BMW Group Romania corporate communication manager.