Have you ever ordered something on Amazon just to receive the wrong item? It has happened to many of us, but maybe not to the dollar level we’re about to see. A member of the M3 Forum has recently placed on order on Amazon for a replacement clutch for his E46 M3 in the form of a ZF Sachs clutch kit, but instead he received a Formula 1 racing clutch.

According to ZF, the clutch is not sold to the public and some forum members claim it could be worth upwards of $30,000.

Design wise, the Formula 1 racing clutch features four discs but is actually tiny in diameter. The user also laid down a Sharpie marker to compare the size of the racing clutch to what a typical clutch would look like.

Found deep within the clutch is a diaphragm spring which allows it to operate at temperatures of up to 752 degrees Fahrenheit or 400 degrees Celsius for short periods of time. It’s reportedly capable of handling 664 lb-ft of torque.

The mistake is quite hilarious and as always, the Internet has come up with some great memes. For example, a user by the name of newton22 wrote: “The only real solution to this is you sell your M3 and buy an F1 car.”