The BMW X2 is the brand’s newest, most youthful toy, with a funky, stylish design and a sporty demeanor. It’s the car that BMW hopes will capture a younger audience and bring in new lifelong customers, ones that will start with the X2 in their younger years and move on to bigger, more premium Bavarians as the get older. To be perfectly honest, it’s a wise move, even if it’s one that’s bemoaned by traditional BMW enthusiasts, as similar moves have proved effective for other brands. No other car is more evident of that success than the one the X2 takes on today — the Range Rover Evoque.

When the Evoque debuted, it was clearly designed more for style than for function. While technically an SUV, it was more about looking flash than providing any actual utility. Think of it more as Victoria Beckham than David Beckham. Ironically, Victoria Beckham even had her own special edition of the Evoque. Despite the shade thrown (see, I can be youthful, too) at the Evoque by enthusiasts for being more form over function, the Evoque has smashed sales records for Land Rover and is a stunning success for the brand. BMW is hoping to capture a similar success with the X2.

But how does the new Bavarian take on the Brit that started the trend? Well, according to Auto Express, it’s better.

Admittedly, it’s far newer, with the Evoque coming out in 20011 and the X2 coming out five minutes ago. So the BMW X2 has a distinct advantage over the Evoque. That doesn’t mean the Evoque seems old, though. Range Rover has given it constant attention over the years, attempting to keep its sales favorite fresh. Still, its older roots hinder it against the X2.

“The X2 is better to drive than the Evoque, even if you sacrifice a little comfort. It’s more practical, more conventional X1 SUV sibling makes more sense, but in this head to head the new BMW has the edge because it will be cheaper to run and offers more performance, enough practicality and just as much kit as the Range Rover for less cash (especially on finance).” said Auto Express.

That’s not to say the Evoque is bad, because it isn’t. In fact, there’s still a lot to love about the Evoque, including its still modern styling and more impressive (relatively)  off-road capability. But the X2’s better technology, sportier driving dynamics and better overall drive make it the winner here. So the  student has become the master.

[Source: Auto Express]