When it comes to ultimate luxury in the automotive field, there’s no brand like Rolls-Royce. Its influence and status is so great that even in movies sponsored by various other car makers, when a character wants to portray true wealth and power, the weapon of choice has to be a Rolls. For example, in the Iron Man franchise, sponsored quite heavily by Audi, Tony Stark is seen driving a Rolls-Royce Phantom in the first movie, a move that proves exactly my point.

‘But that’s just one example’ you may cry out reading this and you’d be right but the truth of the matter is, there’s no other possible choice for those looking for the ultimate luxury than the car with the Spirit of Ecstasy on top of a Pantheon grille. Out of the range of cars the Goodwood-based manufacturer is offering these days, the Phantom is the obvious choice as it includes everything the brand has to offer and with a cherry on top as well.

The guys from Top Gear UK had the chance of taking the eight iteration of the iconic model out for a spin and the resulting video is aimed at providing a glimpse into how the life of an oligarch looks like. From the way the two protagonists dressed and to the destination they were headed off to, everything had to be on par with real life. They even went for the extended wheelbase model because the normal Phantom is only 5.7-meters long after all.

The two head into one of the most exclusive skiing resorts in the world, Courchevel, where the truly wealthy people spend their winters. And yes, I’m aware that it’s May but this must’ve been shot earlier this year, when skiing had was in the limelight, not surfing. Nevertheless, the video is quite interesting to watch as it becomes a debate about whether you should drive or be driven in one of these beautiful masterpieces.