The BMW 507 Roadster is an iconic model for the German brand. It has a timeless design which continues to live on to this day hidden in the details of the Z4 and it was revered as a beautiful creation ever since its conception. In case you needed proof, the fact that some of the most influential people in the world owned one, should be enough. If it isn’t, you might like to know that even kings were fans of it, like King Constantine II, the last monarch of Greece.

The car is a 1959 model and it will be going up for auction at a Bonhams event to be held in Monaco on May 11 at Villa La Vigie. The estimated price it will fetch, you ask? Well, Bonhams claims it to be somewhere between 2.1 and 2.6 million euros, and chances are they are right on the money. That’s a huge amount for a BMW, more than what pristine M1 models are fetching these days but quite possibly well deserved.

“The BMW 507 is widely recognized as the car that re-defined the German marque and firmly established it as a creator of top-end luxury vehicles. It perfectly combines striking elegance with sporty performance,” says Bonhams in a press release announcing the venue. “It is not surprising that King Constantine opted for such a sporty car, as he is a very able sportsman. He served in all three armed services in Greece, and won an Olympic gold medal in sailing – the first Greek gold medal in the sport since 1912.”

Therefore, if the fact that a King used to drive it doesn’t convince you to buy it, maybe the fact that it could turn out to be quite the investment on the long run will do the trick. Prices for pristine models, such as this one, are on a constant rising trend and things are not showing any signs of slowing down.

[Note: Not the actual image up for auction]