The BMW M6 Coupe might be out of production but until we get the new BMW M8 in production clothes, people will keep enjoying it as the ultimate GT car BMW has to offer. Owners are pushing them to the limit on tracks around the world and sometimes they end up in sticky situations, like the gentleman in the video posted below, who seemingly found himself lacking a tire after leaving the Carousel.

If you’re a fan of the Green Hell you already know that the Carousel is probably the most famous corner on the Ring due to its concrete banks. Although it is one of the slowest corners on the famous track, it’s also one of the most dangerous because of a number of factors. From the fact that the entrance to the corner is blind to the steep banking and the rough riding surface, which inflicts pain on the driver’s hands, this is not for the faint of heart.

Our protagonist seemingly knew the track quite well as we can see from the footage and the accident that occurred doesn’t seem to be his fault. However, just as the car nears the Carousel exit the onboard footage shows losing its rear end without no apparent reason. Only after the M6 comes to a complete stop the driver says ‘my tire’s come off’ to reveal what caused this entire ordeal. The footage recorded from inside the car’s cabin shows only one side of the story though, but a whole different scenario unfolds around the lucky driver.

And yes, I am calling him lucky even though his tire did, for some reason, fall off the rim at that point. That’s because nobody got hurt and, even more impressive, nobody crashed in the process. The footage recorded by an orange E36 M3 following closely behind shows it narrowly avoiding yet another E36 which was right behind the M6 when the spin happened and a Renault Clio RS going around them as well, proving just how dangerous such moment are.