The Internet Of Things has taken over the world the last few years as everything is now connected to your mobile phone. You can answer your front door by opening an app and looking at a live video feed. Or control just about anything in your house via voice commands with Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home. And since driving is usually a key part of our busy schedules, there’s apps like BMW’s Connected which gives you access to a handful of features for your BMW. Michelin has now entered into this connected world with their new Michelin Track Connect.

The Michelin Track Connect system was born from technology used by Michelin in track competitions and allows you to accurately check the pressure and temperature of your tires in real-time via their new app. It’s able to do this by utilizing four sensors mounted on the inside of compatible Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires that relay measurements back to a receiver mounted inside your vehicle. This receiver then transmits the sensor readings to the Michelin Track Connect app on your mobile phone.

Michelin takes the experience beyond just tire readings though as it also processes your data to help enhance your track day experience.

Before Your Lap:

The Michelin Track Connect system recommends optimal tire pressure for your vehicle, your use (road or circuit) and the weather conditions on the ground.

During Your Lap:

– A display of accurate, color-coded pressure and temperature values lets you see in real time whether your tires are operating within their optimum range.

– A behavioral gauge indicates the change in the balance of your vehicle (over/ under steer) according to the change in tire pressures.

– And a stopwatch to track your lap times.

After Your Lap:

You can view, compare and share the data recorded during the different runs in the mobile application. Thus, you know exactly what adjustments to make to your tire pressure before getting back out on the track.

The Michelin Track Connect system takes the guesswork out of tire pressures and helps you to make sure you’re getting the maximum performance from your Michelin tires. This won’t just help your lap times either, with proper pressures and temperatures, your tires will also last longer and save you money.

Currently the Michelin Track Connect system is only available for purchase in France, Germany and Switzerland and retails at €399. The tire sensors are reusable and have a guaranteed life of two years and have an estimated life of three years. You should be able to purchase the system in the United States via one of Michelin’s partners no later than 2019.