Just in time for the dealer premiere of the new BMW X2, the car dealership Müller in Buchen Hettingen was also able to present the first tuned model. Responsible for the project is the Maxklusiv GmbH, which has extensively revised the lifestyle SUV. Two changes stand out immediately: the paintwork covered by a full wrap in black and chrome, and the extremely low stance.

The impressive lowering is possible thanks to the G-Ride air suspension, which reduces the ground clearance of the BMW X2 to a minimum. At the touch of a button, the suspension brings the tuning X2 back up a bit, making the X2 suitable for everyday driving. The 21-inch alloy wheels from mbDesign are coated with a clear paint, which closely follows the shiny chrome foil of the vehicle.

The dark shiny chrome foil is combined with a black roof, black kidneys and exterior mirrors, as well as small X2 logos on the tailgate. Carbon exhaust tips and various minor paint jobs complete the BMW X2 tuning from Maxklusiv.

No info on power upgrades, but we won’t be surprised to see future projects which will increase the top 231 PS available now in the X2 family.

[Source: Bimmertoday | J.Otto Photography]