BMW Promises to Take Back Diesel Cars if Banned in Europe

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BMW announced today, through its CEO, Harald Kruger that it will be ‘taking back’ diesel cars from the people who leased them, if a diesel …

BMW announced today, through its CEO, Harald Kruger that it will be ‘taking back’ diesel cars from the people who leased them, if a diesel ban happens to be enforced in the vicinity of the customer. The announcement is a way for BMW to stand behind its diesel products, claimed to be ‘future proof’ by various officials. Furthermore, the head of the Bavarian conglomerate commented on the recent bans of diesel engines in Germany, asking for more understanding, as car makers are phasing them out of production.

At the recent presentation of the company’s 2017 results, Harald Kruger had a stern response for those finding diesel engine the sole culprit of the situation we all find ourselves in today. “Diesel is important for meeting CO2 targets. We believe banning diesel vehicles is the wrong approach. […] We have promised our leasing customers in Germany that we will take back our BMW diesels if bans are introduced. Through this, we want to strengthen people’s trust in our diesels. It would also be helpful if the discussion about nitrogen oxides and particulate matter were based more on reality and facts,” he said.

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Earlier this year, the Bavarians promised future leasers that they would take back diesel cars if a ban on this type of engine combustion if a driving restriction has been applied within 62 miles (100km) radius of the owners place of work or primary residence. The agreement is valid for cars bought after 15 March 2018 and follows a recent decision from the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig allowing cities to ban such engines if they see fit.

However, the court ruling also states a couple of limitations in this regard. Euro 5 engines can not be banned before September 2019 and Euro 6 engines are given more leeway. Basically the ruling will affect users of Euro 4 or older cars, which can be traded in at a BMW dealer for a €2,000 off a new BMW or Mini or €1,500 off an ex-demo or young used car.

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  1. Central Lifestyle says:

    Nice try, but the thing is, officials are not looking to ban diesels yet. They just want to make it very costly to run one. For example, here in London, visit this nice restaurant in Islington to eat with mates and have to park the car, the parking costs has gone up for diesels only. It’s £4.90 per hour for all cars, then add £4 per hour for diesels = £8.90/hour to park, just because the car’s got a diesel engine. Then the government has introduced new taxes on diesels (up to £520 a year for the most polluting engines) and that’s on top of £400 a year charge for cars with value over £40k. Then diesel cars are also going to pay higher charges per day for going into Central London during charging hours. Many major cities are introducing levies (£10 per day or more) on diesels visiting their towns/cities. And for those who need to apply for annual resident/business parking permits, they’re now required to pay substantially more.
    Diesel cars are also being banned from some roads, with access to some other roads confined to certain hours. All that and let’s not forget that diesel cars are priced higher than their petrol equivalent.
    Actual ban of ICEs is due 2040 in the U.K. but in the meantime they’re making it a bit costlier to run a diesel. That’s why a lot of people are looking away towards petrol, hybrids and seriously considering electric options at the moment.

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