SPIED: BMW X3 M caught testing without much camo

BMW X3 M, Spy Photos | March 15th, 2018 by 11
BMW X3M Spy Photos 830x553

After driving the BMW X3 M40i, we’ve been itching for a proper X3 M. The M40i is one of the most fun and exciting BMWs …

After driving the BMW X3 M40i, we’ve been itching for a proper X3 M. The M40i is one of the most fun and exciting BMWs on the market and it’s a surprisingly old-school feeling BMW. There’s also so much room in its chassis for more power, better suspension and sharper steering. So the idea of a real-deal BMW X3 M is one that we’re incredibly excited about. Thankfully, to quench our X3 M thirst, there are some new spy photos of it, testing without too much camouflage.

In these new photos, we can very clearly see that this is a real-deal M car. At the front, it isn’t too much different than the M40i, as that car also has large front air intakes. However, the proof is in the rest of the car. For instance, the new side mirrors are absolutely M-car mirrors. With little triangular cutouts in them, they are similar to those you’ll find on the new BMW M5. They look sporty but aren’t exactly pretty. Then again, no M-car mirrors are actually pretty. Functional and aerodynamic, sure, but not great looking. It’s also lower and wearing sportier looking wheels than even the X3 M4oi.

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Out back, we see the real proof, though. This BMW X3 test mule sports quad exhausts, a BMW M Division staple. It’s also wearing a larger rear spoiler than you’ll find on the M40i, which not only looks cool but should provide some actual rear downforce. While the rest of the BMW X3 M looks pretty much like a typical X3, it looks properly sporty at the back.

Powering the BMW X3 M will likely be a tuned version of BMW’s B58 3.0 liter turbocharged I6, dubbed S58, and it will likely get two turbochargers rather than one. We’re hearing a power output of around 450 hp, which is enormous considering that the 355 hp M40i version gets to 60 mph in the mid-four second range. We won’t be surprised if the X3 M nails 60 mph in under four seconds.

We can’t wait for this car. It’s going to be an absolute monster. The X3 M40i is seriously quick, so the BMW X3 M should be a rocket ship. And if it has any of the delicate balance of the M40i, the X3 M should be one of the most exciting M cars on the market.

[Photo Source: Palbay]

11 responses to “SPIED: BMW X3 M caught testing without much camo”

  1. Justin says:

    Are the headlights touching the grill?

  2. Jason says:

    I’m not sure if I want to replace my E90 M3 just yet, but this would be a great candidate

  3. Jackey says:

    One can already see its an m car just with the twin slats on the grill,after the reviews of the M40 I, this should be interesting though..

  4. Central Lifestyle says:

    And this is a spy photo of the interior (*see attached).
    Notice it sports the new M gear shifter and red M1/M2 buttons (covered in black tape), as debuted in new M5.


  5. Senne says:

    Imagine an X3M with the M5’s M xDrive system!

    • Central Lifestyle says:

      That’d be awesome, for X4M too. There’s no breathing space, and no where to hide, for the Macan now.

      • Senne says:

        Absolutely! The X3 M40i is already very close to the Macan, but it seems like it’s still more engaging according to the reviews. However, I’m pretty sure the X4M will be the better car. ESPECIALLY if it would get M xDrive (with of course the RWD capability). I think it’s likely to get the M xDrive, but maybe not with the full-on RWD mode. It would be insane though and once again show BMW’s sense of humour. :D

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