With the onset of slightly better weather here in Washington State (but that’s not saying much) BMW M owners are starting to dust off their cars and bring them outside to play! This is exactly what happened this past Sunday morning when our local Seattle M Owners Group decided to meet up for the first time in 2018 to talk shop, check out our rides, and of course snap some photos! We met at our preferred location and began exchanging car stories and of course checked out our latest upgrades and modifications to our beloved Bavarian beasts. I naturally brought some gear with me to record the occasion. Because of the varied exhaust setups I noticed ranging from stock, to M Performance, to aftermarket, I decided to shoot a quick comparison video between:

  • M Performance full titanium exhaust – F80 M3
  • AWE SwitchPath Exhaust Non-Resonated – F82 M4
  • Active Autowerke Signature Full Exhaust with Stock Downpipe – F82 M4

A few quick notable observations:

  • Cars being revved are not under load. Cars under load sound different than when in neutral.
  • We were in an empty concrete and steel parking garage. Acoustics differ from open-air.
  • Safety was our top priority, therefore no burnouts/launches were performed.

Without further ado, hit the jump, watch the video, then let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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