When the BMW M4 GTS first debuted, it was seen as the ultimate expression of what the BMW M3/M4 could be. It took the standard M4, dropped weight, added crazy aero and increased power. So you’d imagine that it would be dynamically far superior to the standard M3 or M4 in every way. However, it’s since underwhelmed fans and journalists alike, as it isn’t as good as we’d hoped. So what happens when you take the M4 GTS and make it drag race a BMW M3 Competition Package? Top Gear finds out.

On paper, the M4 GTS should crush the M3 Comp Pack. Both cars boast the same S55 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged I6 engine. Except the M4 GTS uses water-injection to make 493 hp while the Comp Pack makes just 444 hp. The M4 GTS is also quite a bit lighter, thanks to its carbon fiber hood, interior bits and aerodynamics. It’s also running Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, which are far stickier than the Pilot Sports on the M3 Competition Package. So everything seems to be in favor of the GTS.

Once the race starts, though, the M3 Competition Package actually launches much better than the M4 GTS. The Competition Package brings about a newly revised differential that’s more capable of putting its power down than the standard car, so it’s able to launch cleaner than the M4 GTS, which just smokes its tires at first.

Though, as the race continues through the quarter-mile, the BMW M4 GTS starts to catch up. By the end of the race, the M4 GTs actually manages to win but barely. It took the entire length of the quarter-mile for the M4 GTS to catch the M3 Comp Pack and take the lead. So in the real world, the M3 Comp Pack would actually be the faster car, as you don’t often get an entire quarter-mile of clear tarmac on real roads, nor can you do 100 mph-plus.

For roughly double the money, the BMW M4 GTS doesn’t seem to be worth it over the M3, at least in terms of outright speed. On a track, sure the M4 GTS is significantly better. Though, one has to wonder if it’s worth the insane price markup.

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[Source: Top Gear]