As we eagerly await the release of the next-gen BMW 3 Series, we’ve been studying spy photos and renders like Sherlock Holmes, looking for the tiniest of clues. In these new spy shots that have surface, our powers of deduction have shown us some new and interesting details about the upcoming 3er (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here). So what have we deduced?

Well, for one thing, we’ve learned quite a bit about its new face. So it will get new Kidney Grilles that, for a 3 Series, are massive. Honestly, they stretch from about the middle of the passenger seat to the middle of the driver’s seat. They’re enormous. The headlights also do merge with them but in a much more cohesive manner than the way they do now. They just sort of connect, rather than having little side arms that attach like they do now. The actual headlights themselves also feature more squared off lights inside them.

Due to the front air intakes, this seems like it has some sort of M Sport package equipped but I actually think it’s a BMW M340i, thanks to its low ride height, sportier wheels and dual exhausts. What’s also interesting is the fact we don’t see any Air Breathers at the front fender, something that has been a staple of BMWs since the 4 Series. There are some little vents in the rear bumper, though, so maybe they’ve just migrated rearward.

G20 3 Series

Also at the back, there are brand new taillights, which are now much slimmer and wider than the current car’s. The overall shape of them seems to look good, more elegant and sportier than the current ones, which are starting to look a bit chunky. There’s also a bit of a rear lip spoiler, which also would indicate it being an M Performance model. The blue brake calipers also add to that indication.

This new G20-gen 3 Series looks pretty good and will certainly be an upgrade over this current model. Boy is it getting big, though. The G20 3 Series looks as big as an E60-gen 5 Series. We’re not liking that but we understand why it has to happen. Still, it should look good, handle better than the current car and feature a lot more tech. Stay tuned.

[Source: Carscoops]