Liquid nitrogen is one of those substances that was always viewed with a certain degree of curiosity by most people. What is it, why does it seem like it’s just floating around and how come it freezes everything around it, are questions that naturally pop into people’s heads. The reason why it is so mysterious in the first place comes from Hollywood and its big budget action flicks. But what does liquid nitrogen do to things in real life and most importantly, what will happen if you try and use it as fuel?

That’s probably a question you never asked yourself and therefore never tried to find out an answer for it. However, there are people in this world who did and one Youtuber actually bought a BMW Z3 and popped some liquid nitrogen in the tank, just to see what happens. The experiment probably totaled the car even though we don’t know for sure, as the uploader didn’t exactly specify what happened in the end.

However, the video is pretty much self-explanatory. The good part is that the car already seemed to be on its final days, from what we can gather. Just by the looks of things, it had seen better times and was probably bought from a scrap yard or something. The engine was still running and sounds quite healthy too. It’s a pity that nobody wanted to save this Z3 as the clown shoe is getting more popular these days, especially in M guise.

The car in the video below doesn’t seem like the top of the range M version though but rather a more pedestrian alternative. Even so, we hate the idea of ruining a car just to see it happen. However, if this helps out anyone that was ever interested in what actually happens if you try and use nitrogen instead of gas, maybe it was all worth it.