California is one of the most progressive States in the US when it comes to electric cars. Which is why it isn’t surprising to hear that certain Southern Californian residents will be able to get a massive discount on a BMW i3 between now and April 30. Now, Californian residents were always able to save $10,000 on electric cars in rebate money, thanks to the $7,500 federal tax credit and the $2,500 California Zero-Emissions Grant Program. However, certain SoCal customer can save another $10,000.

BMW has teamed up with Southern California Edison, an energy company based in, you guessed it, Southern California. Customers that meet certain requirements in SoCal will save another $10k on their BMW i3 thanks to the two aforementioned companies pairing up. There are only two requirements and they are as follows: One must be a customer of SCE and the i3 must be bought, not leased. If those two requirements are met, BMW i3 customers will receive another $10k rebate on top of the $10k they would already save from the government.

“Widespread adoption of electric cars is critical in meeting California’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030,” said Katie Sloan, a spokesperson for SCE. “The transportation sector accounts for nearly half of California’s greenhouse gas emissions and more than 80% of its air pollution. As we add more renewable resources to the grid, electric vehicles will become increasingly beneficial to the environment.”

This offer is available for any BMW i3 variant, meaning the REx (Range Extender) and the i3S (performance variant) are included in the deal. The starting price of the standard BMW i3 BEV (Batter Electric Vehicle) is $44,450. So customers that qualify for the full $20,000 in savings can get their BMW i3 for $24,450 after rebates. That’s an incredible deal for an i3, as it’s almost half off.

So if you live in the SoCal areas that are served by SCE (apparently San Diego is excluded) and you’re looking for an electric car, hurry up and get to your local BMW dealer. This offer ends April 30 and you don’t want to miss it.

[Source: Clean Technica]