BMW X3 M40i Pricing Kicks Off at Just Under $100,000 in Australia

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Those of our readers looking to buy a brand new BMW X3 and finding themselves living in the land Down Under might be interested to …

Those of our readers looking to buy a brand new BMW X3 and finding themselves living in the land Down Under might be interested to know just how expensive the M Performance version will be once it goes on sale in July. Well, as the title already gave it away, the price you’ll have to pay if you want to buy an M40i X3 is just under 100,000 Australian dollars. To be more precise, AUD99,900.

Mind you, that’s without the on-road costs that are also due when purchasing and therefore, you’ll most likely end up paying significantly more than AUD100,000, especially when you’re done with the configurator. Considering the X3 M40i starts at $54,400 in the US, the $78,000 (at current exchange rates) asked by BMW Australia for the new SUV is a considerable hike in cost. As standard you get the M Sport package, including of a roof-mounted wing, Cerium Grey body trim elements specific for M Performance models and black chrome tailpipes.

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Other notable highlights of the standard kit you get include things like adaptive LED headlights, LED tail-lights, Shadow Line exterior highlights and 21-inch light allow wheels shod in 245/40 front and 275/35 rear run-flat tires. M Sport brakes with blue-painted calipers also come standard as well as ambient interior lighting, ‘Vernasca’ leather upholstery, heated front seats, an M leather steering wheel, the Harman/Kardon sound system, adaptive M suspension and a 12.3″ display on the dash.

Of course, driving aids like adaptive cruise control do also come included but they won’t be as fun to use as the full might of the 3-liter straight six engine under the hood. Chip in the 50:50 weight distribution and you might soon realize that you’re willing to pay the price to have yourself a good time every once in a while when leaving home behind the wheel of your own X3 M40i.

8 responses to “BMW X3 M40i Pricing Kicks Off at Just Under $100,000 in Australia”

  1. bmw driver says:

    Welcome to Australia. If you want to buy a nice car here, be prepared to pay. My M2 cost U$80k… though this pricing for the X3 40i is relatively decent by Australian standards. Slightly cheaper than MSRP for a 340i while having a much better quality interior. Expecting the X3M to come in around $130k on road.

    • Mavricks16 says:

      Wow I feel bad for car enthusiasts is Australia, that price just seems ridiculous. The X3 M40i, and M2 are both excellent vehicles but I can’t see myself ever paying the equivalent $80k+ USD for them.

      Is their a really high import tax or something that makes cars so expensive there?

      • bmw driver says:

        Nope. The dealers just bribe the government to not pass parallel import laws so they can charge what they like. Considering That Singapore is the size of the park at the end of my street, it’s deliberate govt. policy to tax cars off the road, so they’re a different story.

      • James says:

        We have 33% Luxury Car Tax on all vehicles over 65K that are not green plus a 10% goods and services tax. It all adds up. This one is actually pretty well priced for Australia.

    • Kaisuke971 says:

      It’s not actually that bad, in Europe i’m pretty sure if you convert from EUR to USD it’s about $80k as well in most places. I’s even more expensive in some countries with emission/displacement taxes, like the Netherlands

      And where i live in the Carribeans all cars are imported so there’s usually a significant markup, around 20%. And that’s on top of the already high European prices.

  2. Crimsonvertigo says:

    Think it’s expensive in Australia? How about Singapore, the world’s costliest place to buy a car. X3 30i M-Sport retails for AUD 249,049.

    • Mavricks16 says:

      That’s insane, are cars a relatively rare sight there? I don’t see how a normal person could afford that. Even a cheap car would still be quite expensive there.

      • Crimsonvertigo says:

        Singapore had about 600,000 private vehicles on the road at the end of 2016. The city has a population of around 5.6 million.

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