BMW says new M8 given unfair BoP (Balance of Performance)

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Rolex 24 BMW M8 GTE 16 830x553

At the time of publishing, the No 24 and 25 BMW M8 GTE are running eight and ninth in the Rolex 24 race at Daytona, …

At the time of publishing, the No 24 and 25 BMW M8 GTE are running eight and ninth in the Rolex 24 race at Daytona, and BMW had a few things to say about the performance.

Ahead of the opening round of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, BMW issued a statement saying that the new GT Le Mans class contender has been rendered uncompetitive against its rivals by the BoP.

Rolex 24 BMW M8 GTE 13 830x552

BMW Motorsport boss Jens Marquardt said: “It is clear to us based on the performance so far this season that we have not been treated fairly.

“We know we have a car that is capable of running with the leaders and ask for fairness in the BoP assessment. We believe in the BoP system and the only way the system can work is if every competitor is treated equitably.”

Marquardt added that BMW would “continue to be transparent in our discussions with IMSA and fully expect the issue to be resolved in the coming weeks”.

Rolex 24 BMW M8 GTE 18 830x552

He insisted that BMW and the Rahal team would continue “to try to get the maximum out of the race under these circumstances”.

According to sources familiar with the situation, a meeting between BMW Motorsport executives and IMSA officials will take place after the race to assess the situation ahead of the upcoming Sebring race.

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  1. Matt Stokes says:

    If you want to go sportscar racing BMW, build a sportscar. Look at the M8 next to the Ford GT and tell me seriously that the GT isn’t a much more suitable candidate for success.. BoP can, and should, only do so much…

    Congrats to the Chip Ganassi guys, they bought the right tool for the job.

  2. Greg says:

    Amen Matt they were never competitive and I fear a long and disappointing year is ahead.

  3. Giom says:

    I’m pretty sure the BMW team wouldn’t make such an official statement if they didn’t have good reason. They know what their car is capable of and obviously it’s been rained in quite drastically. But this raise more questions then. It’s obvious that BoP has to be regulated. But it does leave room for ‘interpretation’… and more.

    • Matt Stokes says:

      It’s pretty standard in motorsport to complain when you’re not winning, everyone does it – sometimes it’s justified, sometimes it isn’t, it’s just something that needs to be accepted – especially in performance balanced categories.

      Daytona is an outlier in terms of the performance required from the car… Aero efficiency is at an absolute premium and the M8, as with the M6, punches a big ‘old hole in the air. At 180mph this is using up a lot of Horsepower, which burns more fuel, and requires them to trim out drag/downforce as much as possible, which as an effect on the infield section performance. The BoP the M8 got after the Roar (compared to the other teams) should have helped with this, but not enough was done to slow down the Fords and Chevvy’s in comparison… which I’m kind of okay with.

      BMW clearly tried to minimise the impact of the size of the car when they asked for a waiver to take out 10cm of bodywork (which was declined). The M8 simply isn’t the best tool for the job at this level.

      BMW will need to do with the WEC M8 GTE what Ford did with the GT in 2016, sand-bag the hell out of it before Le Mans, if they don’t I think they may have similar problems as we saw at Daytona.

  4. Roland Renno says:

    I’m an avid BMW fan, but I’m sick of Jens Marquardt’s remarks and excuses.

    The 6-series lacked performance, so does the 8-series too. Not only BMW is uncompetitive in ALMS, but also in DTM as well… doesn’t that ring a bell for BMW Motorsport?
    Just before Dr. Mario Theissen abdicated to Jens Marquardt, BMW Motorsport was almost winning in all categories, DTM, ALMS, ETCC, and even some races in F1. Oh Lord, what has happened to BMW? :(((

    • Sam Toure says:

      Bmw has has been DTM champion from its 1st year back in DTM except last year! It dominates (Bruno splangler, Robert wittmann ( 3 chsmpionships since the return.)in DTM!!! do you home work, Jens Marquardt is 19 folds above Dr. Mario Thiessen.

      • Matt Stokes says:

        Just to be a little more specific here

        BMW has won the manufactures title 3 times out ot 6
        A BMW team has won the teams title 3 times out of 6
        A BMW driver has won the drivers title 3 times out of 6

        So that’s 9 out of 18 titles available.
        Audi have 7 titles, and Mercedes 2.

        .. also, it’s Marco, not Robert ;)

    • Matt Stokes says:

      Theissen retired in 2011, Marquardt oversaw the return to DTM and the highly successful 2012 season.

      BMW withdrew from WTCC under Theissen also, and also from Formula One. To be fair to Theissen, the former decision was understandable given that BMW’s performance was tailing off in the 1.6 Turbo era, and withdrawal from F1 was no doubt a company decision and not his anyway.

      On the subject of F1, it was Theissens remarks and excuses that formed half of the war of words with Williams F1 – which essentially ended up weakening BMW’s position in the sport as they were never again as successful as they had been with Williams.

      I’ve got nothing against Theissen or Marquardt, both have done a pretty good job with what they have, so I don’t think it’s fair to lay the blame solely at Marquardts feet.

  5. Sam Hensi says:

    The reason is sample, front engine!

  6. wallacehaha says:

    if I did not remember wrong the Ford GT used to be terribly slow too before winning the LeMans。 I think there must be a lot potential

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