For a certain part of the world’s population, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is a serious condition that dictates how their days are unfolding to some extent. For other people, that’s just an excuse to hide behind whenever something falls into perfect place and causes them a reaction of some kind. For me, it may be a combination of the two, as I do like to keep things tidy and perfectly aligned on my desk, for example. That’s probably why the latest BMW video published on Youtube is of particular interest to me.

The guys and gals behind BMW’s marketing team are probably watching closely what’s trending and how to gain visibility online as videos showcasing such oddly satisfying moments are usually viewed by millions of people. Whether they suffer from OCD or not doesn’t really matter as both sides can find it quite enthralling. From the way dirt gets peeled off a car using a power jet to the way a box fits perfectly in the only space left in the boot, there’s an odd way of looking at these things and somehow feeling refreshed at the end of the clip.

One interesting thing I do have to mention though is the last shot. BMW’s Remote Parking feature has been around for quite a while now and we even tested it a bunch of times. While some are saying it’s just a gimmick, without any practical use, I beg to differ. During one of my first times with a 7 Series equipped with this feature, I did find myself blocked by two cars parked merely inches away from my own.

That’s actually where the system comes in handy, getting you out of a sticky situations. It doesn’t, however, make a lot of sense as it is portrayed here. Sure, it allows you to park your car in the narrowest places at the mall but then again, you would be blocking those around you. If the two cars were to be parked in the completely opposite directions, with the driver’s doors to the outside, it would be acceptable but no matter how flush your car would fit, parking like this would definitely be at least frowned upon.