While there is a lot of criticism thrown at BMW at the moment, most of those critiques are aimed at BMW’s older models. The brand’s newest models, though, the BMW X3 and 5 Series, are actually getting quite a lot of praise, especially from European publications. And rightfully so, as they’re both brilliant cars that can absolutely compete to be the best in their respective classes. Which is why both of those cars made Auto Express’ “Best Cars of 2017” list. But new Bimmers weren’t the only ones to make the list, as the stunning and high-tech BMW i8 also made the list.

Those three appearances ties BMW for the most cars on this list with Volkswagen. And, it’s hard to agree with the choices.


The BMW i8 has been one of the most interesting and remarkable cars on the market since its debut in 2014. Its stunning looks, plug-in hybrid powertrain and surprising performance make it a plug-in hybrid that’s also thrilling. Exciting hybrids are part of a rare breed, especially today when autonomy and connectivity are the primary attributes of modern hybrids and EVs. So the BMW i8 is something to be treasured and it has been.

While a premium wagon might not excite as much as the BMW i8, the BMW 5 Series Touring is one of the most complete cars on the road. Not only does it sport one of the best interiors on the market and impressive driving dynamics but the wagon body style allows it to be incredibly practical. It has one of the largest trunks in the business and it comes with as-standard air suspension. So it’s remarkably versatile, good looking, luxurious and great to drive.

The car that rounds out BMW’s hat-trick is the BMW X3. Having recently spent some time in the X3, I’m still smitten. It’s such a superb all-around SUV that it’s almost impossible to argue against it. It looks better than any other X3, it sports an incredible interior and some of the best driving dynamics in the segment, being second to only maybe the Jaguar F-Pace. It’s just so good at so many things and bad at none.

This list is a big win for BMW and proof that the brand is trending upward. Its two newest cars are its best and possibly best in the segment, so we have high hopes for what’s coming next year.

[Source: Auto Express]