BMW X7 sheds some camo, goes out for testing

BMW X7, Spy Photos | December 13th, 2017 by 5

The 2019 BMW X7 was just spotted in South Carolina and the latest test mules shed some camouflage to show the lines of the ultra …

The 2019 BMW X7 was just spotted in South Carolina and the latest test mules shed some camouflage to show the lines of the ultra luxurious and large SUV. Designed to compete with cars like the Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class and Land Rover Autobiography, the BMW X7 will be a large, three-row luxury SUV. It will also serve as the brand’s luxury flagship, with luxury and technology at 7 Series levels and higher.

The latest spy shots reveal the same massive kidney grille seen on the Concept X7, while the front bumper highlights the massive air intakes of the upcoming SUV. The headlights are also larger than those on the concept model.

In these new spy photos, we can see just how massive the new BMW X7 is going to be. It’s enormous and clearly has room enough for seven people. The roofline is flat and squared off at the back, to accommodate passengers in the third row while keeping their heads intact.

While BMW has yet to release full details of the X7’s powertrain other than it will feature a TwinPower turbo petrol engine allied with its eDrive technology, but we can assume this will be the 740e’s 2-liter set up with a combined output of 322 hp and the ability to travel up to around 20 miles on electric power alone. There is no doubt that other engines will be available including the 3-liter diesel and the company’s 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8.

[Photos: Palbay]

5 responses to “BMW X7 sheds some camo, goes out for testing”

  1. Pictor says:

    The 40e (2.0L) would seem pretty anemic for this size car when on the highway.

    • Kaisuke971 says:

      On the Autobahn hat’d be a problem but for the markets/users it’s actually directed towards it’d be adequate. An X7 40e would really be for the customers that’ll mainly (only) do city driving, otherwise there are the petrol and diesel 6s

      • M. says:

        Is not surprisingly that many customers will find X7 a suitable ride for city driving, yet somehow this is the most improper way to do it. I bet the 40e version is there to cut the emissions and not to provide such alternative for city drivers. But we need to follow the money after all. :)

  2. Giom says:

    Those wing mirrors looks tiny. I wonder if they’re going to be replace with unique to X7 mirrors.

  3. Crux says:

    I see my future dad-bod driving this as my daily loaded with kids and doggos. It’s definitely happening.

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