According to a source close to BMW, a software repair solution for the i3 stop sale is available to pilot dealers as of today for field testing and will be available to all customers this week. BMW says that the non-compliance issue has been resolved and tested the new specifications in the United States.

Last month, BMW has issued a stop-sale on all new i3 cars for an issue with frontal crash protection for drivers of the “5th percentile female” in the driver’s seat, if they don’t wear their seatbelt. The recall also included 30,000 units already sold in the United States.

The recall stated that in the event of a frontal crash, females of about 5-feet tall and 110 pounds have a “marginally higher risk” of sustaining neck injuries than is allowed. Again, if they aren’t wearing their seatbelt. That latter bit is important because it’s illegal to not wear a seatbelt in 49 of the 50 States.

The software fix has been in works since the stop-sale and at the i3s event earlier this month we were told that a fix is coming within weeks. Now that fix seems to be here. Stay tuned for more details.