When BMW announced it would be killing off the stunning 6 Series Coupe and creating the hunchback-like 6 Series Gran Turismo, fans were naturally a bit upset. Yes, we’re going to be getting an 8 Series Coupe as consolation, which is admittedly flipping incredible, but it was still kind of annoying to see the 6 Series coupe go for a 6er GT. But if you can get over its looks, the 6 Series GT actually has some charm. That sort of charm is evident in this new POV driving video from AutoTopNL, featuring the BMW 630i GT.

I know I’m overly harsh on the 6er GT but I do understand its purpose and the charms it can bring. In this video, we see some driving shots of the BMW 630i GT and it seems to be excellent at what it’s intended for, which is to be a more practical, more interesting 5 Series, essentially.

The BMW 630i GT is powered by a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine that makes 258 hp and swaps cogs with an eight-speed automatic. So it’s the slowest petrol-powered version and the most economical. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t quick enough to be entertaining. But performance isn’t really what the 6 Series GT is about.

When you sit in the 6er GT, even the lowly BMW 630i variant, you’re greeted with a wonderful cabin. With sumptuous leather, top-notch build quality and fantastic technology, the interior of the 6 Series GT is not a bad place to spend some time in. Which is precisely the point. It’s not designed to be a gorgeous luxury car or engaging sports car, it’s supposed to be a very comfortable and luxurious, yet practical and spacious sedan for customers who want luxury and quality but with the ability to help haul their family.

Would almost all enthusiasts prefer the 5 Series Touring instead? Of course, as that has more cargo space and is better looking. However, there are many customers who like the 6 Series GT and would prefer it to any other practical body style of BMWs.

In this video, we can see the BMW 630i GT blitz to its top speed on the highway and it seems like such a solid, stable and quiet cruiser. Considering the fact that it can do all of that while carrying multiple adults and their luggage, the BMW 6 Series GT really starts to make a case for itself.