We were recently in Portugal to test the brand-new F90-generation BMW M5, the fastest accelerating BMW of all time. However, we can’t yet tell you what it’s like, as there’s an embargo on driving impressions. That goes for every journalist that drove the M5 as well, so no one is allowed to release what they actually thought of driving the new M5. Though, that doesn’t mean we can’t take a look at the M5 and how much fun it was to drive in Portugal. Which is exactly what Carwow did in this recent video.

In this new video, we get Carwow’s first look of the new M5. So we’re taken on a walk-around of the new M5, where we get to see a lot of the car’s exterior and interior features and differences from the standard 5 Series. The interior is the biggest change, where it features all-new sport seats that look superb. It also gets some new trim, a new shift lever and some red switches on the steering wheel. The latter of which are to select the pre-programmable “M” driving modes.

We also get a look at the new BMW M5 Safety Car, which looks pretty cool. Most of its add-ons are available through M Performance Parts, as well, so you can make your M5 looks pretty close to the Safety Car version. Just without the light bar and siren, of course.

After the walk-around, Carwow’s Matt Watson takes the new BMW M5 on the track and does many, many slides. It looks effortless to slide the new M5. While he couldn’t actually talk about the driving dynamics or performance, he could just show it drifting. We don’t know if he was in “4WD Sport” or “2WD” mode but, either way, the M5 knows how to slide and it looks like a blast. Then, something bad happened. Following all of the slides, Watson is seen standing outside of the car while BMW techs take a look at it. He claims that it was in a bit worse condition after he drove it.

It should be interesting to see Carwow’s actual driving impressions and what ended up happening to the car.