The BMW X2 was unveiled a while back and from the get go the Germans wanted to make sure they make an impact with the new car. Its purpose is to challenge norms and the status quo as it wants you to be bold and break out of the patterns you’ve been getting used to. In order to do so, they put together an admirable effort focusing on what could be emphasized about the new car so that customers see it in the right context.

The video they published today is exactly that: an unconventional approach to how a car commercial should look like. Starting with the music, signed by Gessafelstein, everything seems to be connected to a new way of seeing and perceiving cars and the X2 in particular. Furthermore, the clip is meant to make you curious about what the Germans announced earlier this week, promoting the car on Snapchat.

Using the new Snapchat “Augmented Trial” Lens, over 1 million people across Europe saw the X2 in Galvanic Gold before October came to an end. The BMW X2 campaign “Be the one who dares” is using a range of new digital communications channels to reach BMW fans around the world, in line with the brand’s new focus on a more youthful “Sheer Driving Pleasure”. BMW communications are taking a noticeably younger, fresher approach, with a new tonality that explores unexpected channels.

In case you’re wondering what’s up with all the gold in the footage below, it’s all connected to the BMW X2, of course. A special Face Lens for “selfies”, which colors the face with the BMW X2 Galvanic Gold finish, was made available to Snapchatters in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK at the start of the BMW X2 communications campaign in early November. So far it proved proved a success, being viewed 40m times by over 13m Snapchatters.