VIDEO: 2018 BMW M2 LCI top speed run

BMW M2 | November 22nd, 2017 by 7
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The hottest car in BMW’s lineup at the moment is the BMW M2. It’s the car that most enthusiasts feel best harkens back to the …

The hottest car in BMW’s lineup at the moment is the BMW M2. It’s the car that most enthusiasts feel best harkens back to the good ole days of BMW M. The M2 is the smallest, purest and most exciting M car to drive and it’s the enthusiasts’ choice. However, what it’s not known for is a high top speed.

While not slow, the BMW M2 is limited to 163 mph. To be honest, it isn’t going to be much faster than that, flat-out. The reason for that is that it only packs 365 hp and it’s on a rather short wheelbase. So it’s not really designed to attempt a 200 mph top speed run. However, it’s still fun to see it take a shot at its top speed.

In this new video from AutoTopNL, we take a look at a BMW M2 on a top speed run and we see it from the view of its gauge cluster. What’s nice about that is that this is the post-LCI updated version of the M2, so it gets the new digital gauges and they look very good. I like how they’re digital but simple, without any sort of fancy interchangeable screens.

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On this top speed run, it hits 260 km/h in about 45 seconds. That’s not supercar fast but it’s pretty good for a car with less than 400 hp. However, it could be faster with one different option — the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

Having the DCT would actually help quite a bit for a couple of reasons. First, its shifts are far quicker, allowing the torquey turbocharged engine to get back into the meaty part of its powerband quicker. Rather than having a bit of a delay with the shifts of a six-speed manual.

Also, the seventh gear would help the M2 get to its top speed quicker, as it would allow the M2 to shift back into its torquey power one more time before reaching its top speed. Instead, the M2 rides its sixth gear to the end, staying in the 6,000 rpm range, which is where its turbocharged power starts to drop off. Also, if it had a seventh gear, those lower revs would allow it to be quite a bit quieter, making it more tolerable at speed.

7 responses to “VIDEO: 2018 BMW M2 LCI top speed run”

  1. Bmw driver says:

    A top speed run in a manual M2 is a waste of time that tells no one anything of value, except that a DCT M2 would walk all over it.

  2. AchiM2 says:

    Didn’t know that MT provides Launch control, I assume it was a DCT M2.

    • Bmw driver says:

      MT does get launch control. I believe this manages slip through first gear to give you the best takeoff. Honestly the car is limited by grip, even with launch control in a DCT car I get spin through 2nd and partway through 3rd. Wider stickier rears would make it much faster off the line but would be entirely missing the point of the car. Will be interesting to see how much of a difference the new pilot sport 4S will make when my PSS finally give up and are sent to tyre Valhalla in a final smoky burnout :D

  3. John d says:

    A DCT would certainly not make it faster, as for speed run, only power maters, not torque, and this engine is supposed to make 370 cv at 6500RMP. That’s why the driver did not shift in 7th gear, because this is a DCT car lol.

    • Bmw driver says:

      1. This car is manual. I know what a DCT M2 sounds like, because I spend all day in one. You can hear the telltale boost drop between shifts. This car is manual. You can also the reflection of the steering wheel with no shift paddles.

      2. DCT has better gearing for top speed. Gearing is more important than power for top speed, in the absence of a limiter. When you get on your bicycle, and pedal really hard in low gear, are you as fast as people cruising along in a higher gear? No.

      3. Driver did not shift because the car is a 6MT. It only has 6 ratios.

      It must have taken some effort to be this comprehensively wrong about everything. You are to be commended for your superb effort. Maybe it might be worth learning a bit more before turning up and presuming to lecture people in your ignorance?

      • Bmw driver says:

        I apologise, points 1 and 3 are invalid. Having listened again at my computer, it does sound more like a DCT car, not MT. I got that one wrong, apologise and withdraw those statements unreservedly. It’s my mistake. You are however wrong about the effects of gearing on top speed.

  4. neal patel says:

    0-100 in just 5.17sec. woahh. great start of BMW M2 and credit goes to driver.

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