Of the BMW M4 variants, including the mighty M4 GTS, it’s largely considered that the newest of all, the BMW M4 CS, is the best. Essentially, the M4 CS is a Competition Package car with some lightweight bits borrowed from the ultra-exclusive M4 GTS. So its carbon fiber hood, aerodynamics and interior bits are all pulled from the GTS. There’s also a power bump, up to 464 hp.

All of that makes the M4 CS the best possible M4 variant, as it’s sharper and edgier than the Competition Package while not being as compromised as the GTS. It also looks the business and his the most handsome M4.

In this new video from AutoTopNL, we get a POV look at what it’s like to drive the BMW M4 CS. And it’s fast.

What’s interesting to not is that, while seeming violently fast, it isn’t noticeably louder than the standard M4, nor does it look any more uncomfortable. If anything, it should ride better than the standard Comp Pack car, as it’s lighter.

The main point of the M4 CS is that it’s supposed to be sharper and provide better feel and feedback. We obviously can’t tell that from this video. However, we can see that it’s flipping fast and very loud. It also seems to stick to the road like glue. Thank its better calibrated differential and sticky Michelins for that. It gets a bit squirrelly at some points during the video, but that’s more just part of the M4’s character, rather than a knock on the M4 CS.

It’s unfortunate that the M4 CS is so limited, as it would probably sell like crazy with those looks and extra power. Thankfully, though, BMW will be making an M3 CS in the future, which will look incredible, with its flared wheel wells. So it will give buyers another chance to get a CS model BMW.